Vitara / Sidekick / Tracker Info:

Vitara/Escudo 1988-98 FSM: Vitara/Escudo FSM in Russian. Covers the G16A, j20A and H20A Engines. Originally available from Here. 46Mb

Vitara G16b MPFI: Vitara G16b MPFI Section from the 1991 Service Manual. Provided by NicBeer 5Mb

Vitara G16b MPFI Wiring Diagram: Wiring Diagram for the G16 MPFI including 4-speed A/T Circuit. Provided by NicBeer 1.5Mb

Vitara G16 Transmission Control Module: Wiring and Plug Diagram for the Vitara G16 TCM. Provided by NicBeer 200kb

Technical Service Bulletin TS 07 03014R21995: 1999-2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara/XL-7 Timing Chain Tensioner. Provided by Alex 215KB

1995 Suzuki Sidekick Owners Manual: Scanned copy of the Owners Manual (what you get in your glovebox). Provided by Provided by JimmyZ, Thassos, Greece 1MB

Haynes Suzuki Repair Manual 1986-1996 (JPG images): The Haynes Manual, covering the Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, and Geo Tracker. Not the best manual out there, but it could be useful nonetheless. JPG file format contained within a ZIP file. 60.2MB

Haynes Suzuki Repair Manual 1986-1996 (PDF format): The Haynes Manual, same as the above but from a different source. Adobe PDF format contained within a ZIP file, not searchable or linked. 64.5MB

SQ416 SQ420 and SQ625: A collection of manuals for the SQ416, SQ420 and SQ625 Vitara, including wiring and transmission. 61MB

1989-1990 Sidekick/Tracker Manual Transmission Wiring Diagram: Large 1-part JPG file wiring diagram. 3.8MB

1991 Suzuki Vitara G16B Wiring Diagram: Scanned copy that includes Voltage and Ohm readings. Provided by Heath 300KB

1999 Sidekick G-Tests With Codes for 1.6L & 2.0L TBI: Sidekick 1.6L & 2.0L TBI Self-Diagnostics. Originally available from Here. 45KB

1994 Sidekick G-Tests With Codes 1.6L TBI: Sidekick 1.6L TBI Self-Diagnostics. Originally available from Here. 410KB

1996 Sidekick System Wiring Diagrams: Originally available from Here. 562KB

1995 Sidekick Auto Trans Diagnosis HydraMatic 3L30: Originally available from Here. 309KB

1995 Sidekick Auto Trans Diagnosis AW03-72LE: Originally available from Here. 78.KB

Rancho Shocks Specifications: A PDF chart of the Rancho Shocks specifications. 98KB

Rancho Shocks Application Guide: A PDF of the Rancho Shocks Application Guide. 363KB